About Us


We are the true definition of a family owned business. Our team consists of, my son (Alex), my wife (Betty), and myself (Steve). Betty and I have been married for 33 wonderful years. She has served as the backbone to this business. Due to being in the same industry since 1988, Alex, my son, has spent his lifetime growing a love for the business and a passion for mastering his skills. My first 19 years in the industry were spent loyally building someone else’s company. In 2007, I found that it was time to build my own company. We now are proudly entering our 13th year of serving our customers at the Dye Guy. We look forward to serving you! 


Our Company

We specialize in repairing and restoring LEATHER, VIYNL and PLASTIC. We provide these services in various different settings in order to meet the needs of all our customers. Our unique skill set expands the use of our service far and wide. On an as needed basis, we travel to the lots of major auto dealerships in order to fully refurbish and restore the interiors of slightly used cars. We visit local airports, to repair any interior parts that have experienced any over use or damage. Additionally, within the shop, we help customers maintain, restore, and customize anything from an old classic hot rod to a newly purchased luxury car. Our service can transform almost any LEATHER, VIYNL, and/or PLASTIC product that has experienced light to moderate wear and tear, and make it look brand new. From private jets, boats, and automobiles, to favorite furniture pieces and handbags, we are confident that we can restore and renew these valuable items in order to meet your full satisfaction. 


Our Fleet

Many of our inquiring customers share our passion for classic cars. We have been able to utilize our unique skill set in order to fully maintain "Our Fleet".

1969 C10 Fleet Side Shop Truck. It's rough on the outside but she's a canyon carver equipped with an all new QA1 suspension. Additionally, the heart has been replaced with a new 350ci and a 700R4. The wide whites really make the look.

1967 Chevelle L79 Malibu. It has a completely matching drivetrain with the 327ci/325hp, M20 4sp and 355 12 Bolt possi. We spent 5 years on this rotisserie concourse restoration. This classic has seldom been seen in public locally.  We take pride in showing "Buttercup" all over the East Coast.